Patent Pending for Revolutionary Wheelbarrow Innovation

Vection Ltd Introduces the Crown King WKS

DENVER — April 16, 2016 — Vection LTD, a U.S.-based product-focused design company, has today announced a patent pending innovation named the Crown King WKS. The Crown King brings a degree of safety and efficiency to the wheelbarrow that has not existed since the inception of the common yard machine.

The Crown King WKS is a simple yet ingenious configuration of castors positioned in conjunction with a redesigned wheelbarrow bight. This innovative design is cost-effective and easily applied to newly produced wheelbarrows or retrofitted to improve existing wheelbarrows.

“Contractors and homeowners alike have long encountered accidental and unintended engagement of wheelbarrow bight elements when under heavy load.

This blunt force contact between the user and machine can lead to injury and load spillage. The Crown King WKS is equipped with wheels that contact the ground prior to the bight, allowing the wheels to act as a buffer. This innovation reduces the occurrence of common injuries, property damage, and the frustration of unexpected catches,” says Mat Meyer CEO and Director of Design. “The castors also allow users the ability to negotiate inclines such as curb forms and terrain variations without accidental bight engagement. Additionally, making turns under heavy loads are a snap with the additional support provided by a second or third wheel engaging the terrain below the wheelbarrow.”

The Crown King WKS concept kit is ready for manufacturers, large commercial outfits, and homeowners.

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